May 24, 2021


TPM#12 How to handle FOMO and embrace focus as a mompreneur (reflecting on Ashley's interview)

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Shelley Tonkin Smith
TPM#12 How to handle FOMO and embrace focus as a mompreneur (reflecting on Ashley's interview)
The Playful Mompreneur
TPM#12 How to handle FOMO and embrace focus as a mompreneur (reflecting on Ashley's interview)

May 24 2021 | 00:26:22


Show Notes

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One of the plays from the Playful Mompreneur Playbook is: Focus over FOMO. This is a theme that came through very strongly in my interview with Ashley Becker-Nunley in last week's episode.

So in this episode, I'm reflecting on our interview through the lens of "Focus over FOMO," highlighting the ways that Ashley has stayed focused — both as a mother and as an entrepreneur — even when it's been very tempting to give in to the Fear Of Missing Out.

My key takeaways are:

  • Tactics like being on particular social media channels or using the latest tools and tech can come from a place of FOMO and can lead to Shiny Object Syndrome or resentment that you "have to" use a particular tool or channel. However, Ashley has completely reframed her mindset around using social media (and Facebook in particular). She's now using social media to get hyper-focused on her people and her business goals. Who woulda thought, right?!
  • As moms, we wear many hats and at the moment, one of those is that of "teacher." But Ashley has decided to hang up the "teacher hat" and only wear her "mom hat" with her son. In so doing, she's focusing on the mother-son relationship and letting his school teacher wear the "teacher hat."
  • When we're operating from a place of FOMO, we've got this grippy, grasping energy. We are so attached to a particular outcome that there's very little room for playfulness or fun. Ironically, with more focus, there's more space to play!
  • How Ashley needed to update her ideal calendar so that it was aligned with what she wanted for herself holistically. She realized she was working more hours than she had intended (yes, because she loves her work and is so playful about it), but she needed time to recharge her battery and for self-care.
  • How Ashley keeps focused on her audience and niche by journaling about them and their needs every day. I love how this activity is both a self-care activity and a client-service activity! :)

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