September 30, 2021


TPM#26 How to run your business when life gets tricky (no, it's not about work-life balance)

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Shelley Tonkin Smith
TPM#26 How to run your business when life gets tricky (no, it's not about work-life balance)
The Playful Mompreneur
TPM#26 How to run your business when life gets tricky (no, it's not about work-life balance)

Sep 30 2021 | 00:29:49


Show Notes

I don't need to tell you that life can be tricky. If you need any convincing, just consider the last 18 months or so, since we started living in pandemic times. (By the way, I've taken to using the term "tricky" after becoming an avid fan of Dr Becky's parenting podcast, Good Inside).

So in the midst of life's trickiness and challenges, how do you keep your business ticking over? Or — maybe you've started your business in these tricky times... How do you do that when at a moment's notice you may have to supervise your kids' online schooling or have to go into self-isolation?

In the past we've been told that we need to establish a healthy work-life balance. I've always found that concept to be elusive. With the pandemic, it has become impossible to achieve. Instead, in this episode, I propose that we embrace the messiness of life and drop the idea of achieving work-life balance.

I believe that you can create a business to support your life (with all of the trickiness that entails!). And I'm not just talking about any life. Your business needs to support your BEST LIFE (which yes, still includes the tricky parts!).

OK, so how can you create a business that supports your BEST LIFE? In the episode, I explain that you could choose one of two extreme options:

  • You could Wing It, accepting that there's no use in planning for the future because anything could happen. Problem is, you can start feeling directionless and without a sense of purpose.
  • You could Control It, accepting that "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail" and taking the power back with a solid and detailed plan. The problem with this approach is that you'll never be able to plan for all of life's tricky situations and you'll be left feeling resentful when life doesn't go to plan.

But there's a third option that sits in the middle of this spectrum (which, for now, I'm calling the Business Approach Spectrum). And that is:

  • Play It. When you choose the playful approach, you take some of the stability and structure from "Control It" and some of the spontaneity and creativity from "Wing It"... And you land in the sweet spot of "Play It". When you "Play It," you'll have a loose focus, you'll be driven by your own personal vision, and you'll be the one to make the rules in your business — so that it truly supports your BEST LIFE.

I share in the podcast that I've had to walk the talk over the last month or so, as I've had to deal with some tricky situations with some playfulness. From contracting COVID-19, to navigating the changes involved with a new job for my husband — plus trying to wrangle the manuscript I've written into the book it wants to become — I feel like life has been tricky (and exciting and awesome at the same time!).

But in the midst of this trickiness, I've had so many ah-ha moments, one of which is that this podcast is probably going to get a name change... The Playful Business Revolution. That's also going to be the title of my book. I'd love to know what you think, so drop me an email at [email protected] or DM me @shelleysmithcreative on IG and find more info at

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