TPM#29 How to be playfully productive with Lauren Kinghorn

January 24, 2022 00:39:01
TPM#29 How to be playfully productive with Lauren Kinghorn
The Playful Mompreneur
TPM#29 How to be playfully productive with Lauren Kinghorn

Jan 24 2022 | 00:39:01


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Shelley Tonkin Smith

Show Notes

Today, Lauren Kinghorn joins me again to talk about playful time management and productivity – basically an answer to that blanket question, “How do you do it?” With a playful edge...

Lauren is a serial entrepreneur and a mom. She’s such a bubbly and inspirational presence, so it’s no wonder that one of her other businesses is called Inspiring Mompreneurs, where she interviews mompreneurs and shares their journeys. At the moment, she’s building a fourth business to support moms with a plant-based eating lifestyle. 

In the interview, we talk about how important it is to find your Zone of Genius and to then operate in your Zone of Genius as much as possible. Lauren also alludes to what became something of a lockdown project from her – she read each lesson from the book A Course in Miracles and published a video and podcast a day for a year from March 2020 to March 2021. 

So while we absolutely talk about some great practical time management and productivity tips for mompreneurs, we also get a little deeper, as we consider the spiritual and emotional aspects behind how we manage our time. I’m starting to realise that greater self-awareness is key not only to being more successful in life, but also to enjoy life more and make a bigger and brighter impact amongst others.

Here are links to Lauren's websites: Inspiring Mompreneurs, Happy Human Pacifier, and

The best way to connect with Lauren is through LinkedIn, where you can also join her Fempreneurs Unite Group. She's also on Instagram @laurenjeankinghorn.

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