TPM#30 On using LinkedIn and other Social Media your own way

February 21, 2022 00:25:02
TPM#30 On using LinkedIn and other Social Media your own way
The Playful Mompreneur
TPM#30 On using LinkedIn and other Social Media your own way

Feb 21 2022 | 00:25:02


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Shelley Tonkin Smith

Show Notes

Lauren Kinghorn gets very honest about what she thinks about social media in this, the third and final part of our interview. She shares about why she enjoys using Pinterest and LinkedIn; and then she goes into some detail about how she uses LinkedIn strategically for her business.

What I kinda love about this episode is that it was recorded several months ago and although Lauren casts a bit of shade on Instagram in the interview, I've seen her popping up in my feed recently! What I take from this is that we all have the licence to use social media in the way that suits us and the season of business we're in. It suits Lauren to do IG videos right now and it makes sense to show up there as she sets up her new business. At the same time, she's using the platform she's established on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

There really are no rules when it comes to social media. Instead, think about what makes sense for your personality, your capacity, and where your ideal clients are hanging out. And as with all things in business, be prepared for a little bit of discomfort as you either learn a new tool/platform, put yourself out there on audio or video, or do anything else that makes you grow and up-level!

Incidentally, this is part of the advice that Lauren has for new mompreneurs (get comfortable with being uncomfortable as you grow and notch up!). It's a great episode that's full of both practical tips and some deeper thoughts about the playful mompreneur journey.

Here are links to Lauren's websites: Inspiring Mompreneurs, Happy Human Pacifier, and

The best way to connect with Lauren is through LinkedIn, where you can also join her Fempreneurs Unite Group. She's also on Instagram @laurenjeankinghorn.

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